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Israel Wayne has compiled a pretty comprehensive source of web sites and resources that espouse Christian worldviews relative to just about any topic or issue you can think of. Not just a great place to bookmark for future reference when doing a study or paper, it's a great place to peruse to challenge and expand your own perception of God's world and the ethical implications of living and stewarding it.


Home of the Homeschool Digest a quarterly journal for the veteran homeschooler. Each issue provides a wide range of subjects including curriculum guides, child training, organization, household tips, and encouragement for both moms and dads. A MUST resource for every homeschooling family.

The Texas Home School Coalition is the state organization for Texas watchdogging the political processes that effect homeschooling in Austin. THSC offers an abundance of resources for the new and veteran homeschool family including their FREE quarterly publication, The Review, and legal assistance through their new THSC Legal Defense Fund. See the THSC web site for details.

The Constitution Party is the ONLY Pro-Life political party in the United States. It was founded by and is directed by Howard Phillips, the man
James Dobson voted for president in the 1996 election. If you're interested in preserving the 1st and 2nd Ammendments as well as the rest of our Constitution, true limited and smaller government, true tax relief, true preservation of national sovereignty, and many other issues you need to check this out.

Formerly Operation Rescue, Operation Save America is led by the dynamic and brave Rev. Flip Benham and serves to bring the Christian belief of sanctity of life to the front lines of America's abortion mills.

Rev. Steve Schlissel's sometimes controversial and provocative slant on issues within and without the Church keeps things hopping around his Brooklyn, NY location.
Their website is a good spring board into the world of Reformed works around the country.

Founded by R. J. Rushdoony, Chalcedon serves as the think tank of Reconstructionsim and publishes many hard hitting articles and books.

Douglas Wilson and Douglas Jones stir up their fair share of trouble from their Moscow, Idaho home base with this most-of-the-time monthly publication, The Credenda Agenda. It is free by request and well deserving of your attention both for the smiles and the topics of discussion.

A "Newsweek" like weekly from a Christian worldview covering the issues of our nation and world.

One of my favorite on-line resource sites. Check it out for yourself.

Mt. Olive Tape Ministry is one of the most comprehensive tape libraries I am aware of. We have used their tapes as curriculum for World History (R.J. Rushdoony), American History (Steve Wilkins and Rushdoony), Christian Apologetics (Dr. Greg Bahnsen). Anyone you can think of in the world of Reformed Theology, and then some, can be found in their catalog.

The Voice of the Martyrs was founded by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand. During the hard line Communist rule of Romania, Pastor Wurmbrand spent fourteen years in prison for his ministry with the underground church. He underwent frequent tortures. In 1964, Pastor Wurmbrand, his wife Sabina, and their son, Mihai, were ransomed from Romania for $10,000. Expecting to see a feeble, defeated man, the world witnessed a spiritual giant who overcame desperate situations through his love for Christ.

His calling became clear as he established the ministry of The Voice of the Martyrs around the world and quickly became known as "the voice of the underground church."



Patrick L. Hurd
Weatherford, Texas

EST. 01/01/01