TV and the Death of a Culture

Is television a viable alternative of entertainment for the Christian and his family?  In a August 1, 2001 copyrighted report, CNS News wrote, " Television's so-called "family hour" is more vulgar and violent than ever, according to a study by a media watchdog group. The Parents Television Council examined six weeks of "family hour" programming in the 2000-2001 season, then compared it to a similar study conducted in the 1998-1999 season. The findings: The number of swear words (excluding "hell," "damn," and "crap") rose 78 percent; "ass" was the most common vulgarity; violence was shown an average 2.8 times an hour, up 70 percent; and shows were more likely to involve topics such as oral sex and pornography. The family hour runs from 8-9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific time, and 7-8 p.m. Central and Mountain time. According to the Parents Television Council, UPN was the worst offender, while NBC and Fox were a distant second and third."

According to Rev. J Steven Wilkins -
"But we must not fall for the prohibitionist's mistake [i.e., ridding ourselves of TV as the solution] of blaming the creation for our sins. The TV is a technological wonder that could (and will one day) be a marvelous instrument for the glory of God. Killing the machine is a stop gap measure - it may make you feel bold and courageous but it doesn't solve the problem. The problem is the lust, laziness, the secret love of sin and the indifference to holiness and to the glory of God that still resides in your heart. Until your sin is dealt with, bashing the TV is nothing more than a good cardio-vascular workout. You may well be the better for it, but you still haven't dealt with the root of the problem."

For the full text of Rev. Wilkins' commentary click on TV and the Death of a Culture

According to Rev. Steve Schlissel -
"Today there is a technology that competes with Christ for the final word in interpreting reality. That technology is television. In the single generation of its existence it has become the unifying point of American experience. 40,000,000-80,000,000 people sitting in front of the tube night after night after night after night. Finding their reality and interpretation from an anti-Christ box. It is the definer and interpreter of American culture. It is itself American culture. We must remember that this is necessarily an introduction to some of these problems. Many of these are second order problems that we cannot get into. We have to kind of survey the field today. But television is American culture and not merely a purveyor of it. It is America’s mediator. The influence of television is overlooked by nearly everyone except advertisers. I must roar or cry when I hear the argument that what you see on television does not affect your behavior. Then pray tell why do people spend 2,000,000 dollars a minute to put a message on if it will not effect your behavior? Will anyone tell me why? Why was cigarette advertising banned from television first when some people in Washington decided that it was no longer good for us if what you see does not influence your behavior? Advertisers know very well that TV is able to mold opinion. This self evident. My concern today is it’s success in sidelining the soldiers of Christ and removing especially the men from godly action. Virtually neutering them and rendering them as passive idiots who sit in front of a box to receive information that they are told to receive and do nothing with their lives. Television stands directly between too many Christians and the church in general. Between too many Christians and dominion. It is not simply a case of TV versus dominion, I make it very plain. It is television or dominion."

For the full text of Rev. Schlissel's commentary click on Television vs. Dominion

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Patrick L. Hurd
Weatherford, Texas

EST. 01/01/01

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