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The web site was created and went live on January 1, 2001. Since that time, we have added things here and there as time allows and now, some months later, the site and it's various pages can be found on several web searches. Accordingly, the number of hits by various different kinds of "seekers" continues to grow each week. That means there is no telling what kind of comments we might get about the site's contents. Below is a sample of some comments shared with us. Check back every now and then to read more or, better yet, SUBMIT your own and see if you make the "cut."

Ms. Wade writes, "I am truly so thankful for this [Kissing] article! My husband and I have 4 daughters and have recently come to the conclusion that the "World's ways" of finding a spouse, should not be our way. We are trying to instill in them these same values.I grew up as a pastor's daughter and my parents never thought twice about me dating, kissing, etc.... I brought a lot of baggage into my marriage that still haunts me and I don't want that for my children. I also wanted to metnion another verse that I have discovered on this topic, that I didn't see listed in your article. The one in Timothy where PAul is instructing him to "Flee Youthful Lusts...." Keep up the nice articles"

 Rebecca writes, "Hey, I really liked your article on Premarital kissing. You did a GREAT job of explaining it, and it simply confirmed what God has recently shown me as a single person. As a former premarital kisser, I totally agree that it starts a fire. As a Christian relative told me, '' When you start kissing, you have to stop ( if you don't want to go all the way ) and we weren't MADE to stop.) Therefore, it's best not to even start in the first place. I have recently made a decision not to kiss before marriage, after much prayer. It is helping to eliminate un-neccesary frustration and get to know the person much better, free from physical distraction. God Bless !"

 Tom from Burlington North Carolina writes, "My wife and I read your article "Waging the war for sexual purity".  We couldn't agree more with your writing.  It is very encouraging to see that others stand for the TRUTH and will even write about it!  We applaud your efforts and encourage you to continue to "contend for the faith once delivered to the saints".  May the Lord richly bless you according to his riches in grace and mercy.

We are really thankful to have run across your articles. They are a great encouragement to our family as we struggle to swim against the tide. At the same time, we are thankful to have the freedom to make the choices that we are making, including attending public worship services of our choosing, and homeschooling our children. We are also uplifted because we think we see a revival of families going back to the old paths such as we read in Jeremiah 6:16. It is important for us to band together, pray for one another, pray for our country, and encourage others to seek ye out the old paths and walk therein. Thank you for all that you do to contribute to that cause."

Jessica from McKinney, TX writes: "I found your site by doing a Google search on Biblical betrothal etc... In my search I found your article on Kissing... I totally agree! When I read that you haven't had many positive responses to the Biblica, godly view of saving that part of physical affection for ones spouse it kind of shocked me! Well, be encourged, and please keep getting the Word out!"  Thank you Jessica.  You're right about the responses.  For example,

Dave from the United Kingdom writes: "I have to say I was very disappointed to come across this website that offers bizarre and confusing advice to people in pre-marital relationships.  For a start, the Southern Baptist church quote was extremely poorly paraphrashed - they did not say that sexual activity is ok.  I am a bible-believing, born-again Christian in a solid relationship with a wonderful girl, and whilst we know that temptation is so close, we are happy to blessed with common sense, and the guidance of God's word.  I have kissed her and will continue to do so - however, I will assure that our kisses are not overzealous or temptation-led."

Shari from Colorado writes, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Wow, what a great website and one that is much needed!  We are Colorado home schoolers with 11 children, and saw you site address in the ad for the GLorieta camp.  Though we will be unable to attend, thought I would check your site out.  Thanks so much for being a voice for truth in our hurting nation.  Thanks for validating a stay-at-home mom and a dad that puts the Lord, then family, then work in the right priority.  Will visit your site soon again!"

Karola from California says
, "I read your article about premarital kissing and I absolutely agree with your concepts. I wish more young women and men would be aware of the sexual nature of kissing and that they would be wise enough to refrain from it until marriage, EVEN IF IT DOESN'T LEAD TO THE COMPLETE ACT. Young women, you don't know what you lose when you allow a man to teach you how to kiss before marriage. Let your husband be the one to teach you and keep as much as possible for him, no matter if people tell you that it's OK to do otherwise. If you want to keep yourself pure, don't even kiss intimately before marriage, because later you will realize that you lost something that only your husband should have and that only he should open up for the first time in your life."

Alex just doesn't get it: "I extremely doubt that in today's life people wait after marriage to kiss someone. I mean what more must they ask? Don't have sex until marriage and then they say DON'T KISS? I mean I believe in sex after marriage but I don't quite understand the whole reasoning on why not to kiss. And they say DO WHAT YOU PREACH so are you going to tell me that you've never kissed anyone until you got married?"

But then Anna writes: "I really enjoyed reading the articles on your site.  My husband and I waited to kiss until our wedding day to kiss (my first lifetime kiss!!), and we are soooo thankful we did.  It is great to see we aren't alone. 

I also enjoyed reading the article and comments about Tatoos.  My husband has some tatoos (which he is NOT proud of) that he got before he was Christian.  I think that people today don't think about the permanance of tatoos.  Maybe when you are 16 it is cool, but when you are 30 and a pastor (like my husband) you may have a diffrent oppinion. You never know where God is going to take you! Thankfully there is forgiveness in the cross, and God can do MIRACLES.  But should we continue to sin so that grace may abound?  I argree with the Apostle Paul: Certainly not!"

I think Eric has the answer for Alex: "I totally agree with what you are saying. I wish someone had told me all this at an early age. It's just so difficult to explain all this to someone nowadays. Hopefully I will be one to explain all this to my children even if I wasn't perfect."

Emma writes:
Informative site. Great to know that u can actually get good biblical advice. i have a question. hope u can help me. i'm a christian and so is my boyfriend. our relationship with God is the most important thing to each of us. we realize that we need to put God first in our relationship at all times. we have decided that we won't kiss until we get to the alter and we are relying on God's strength to stick to this decision. we are wondering though, is there anything like a peck on the lips (as in no parting of the lips, just lips touching. similar to what u would do on a person's cheek, except on a closed lip). would that qualify as a holy kiss. or is that lust.  

Thank you for writing and for your question.  I don't think one can make blanket rules and try to apply them across the board to everyone.  What if the lips suddenly come unparted accidentally or just how unparted should they be, etc?  It is a heart matter and a matter of your own conscious as to how God is leading you and your boyfriend.  Personally though, I don't think there is anything wrong with a greeting or parting kiss that includes a peck on the lips between two people who are committed and capable of marriage.

Mrs. Jennifer Puumala writes: "I was encouraged by your article on educating to the glory of God.  Your other articles on piety taught at home and internet schooling were thought provoking. Thanks for caring."

Larisa from Jacksonville, FL writes:
"Thank you for standing up for the truth of God's Word... as unpopular as that is! I was encouraged and challenged by this article [Sexual Purity], particularly regarding the call to instruct my son concerning purity so that he might have this qualification as a future leader in the church. This is something we already strive for in the training of both our son and daughters, but it has been impressed upon me in a deeper way through your article due to the vision we have for our son in the kingdom of God. God bless you"

Will from Indianapolis writes,
"I really appreciated your article on pre-marital kissing, and I would like to offer some more thoughts (especially from the male perspective): kissing is absolutely no different from any other thing you do in relation with the opposite sex; it's all a matter of the heart.  Many guys (including myself once upon a time) can't even touch a girl's hand without being inflamed with lust.  Others have no problem holding her by the waist with 100% pure, loving, respecting, and protecting motives.  So the question is this: is it possible for you to kiss without being inflamed with lust?  Only you know the answer to that question for yourself.  If you're not sure if you can, then DON'T DO IT!  Especially in your teens, when your hormones are raging and you're still discovering yourself.  If there is a kind of kissing that you are able to do with 100% pure godly motives, then by all means it is ok (that is, of course, if the one you're kissing has a 100% pure heart too.  If it's not a sexual temptation for you but is for her, then it's just as wrong).

But I was wondering, what about the "emotional arousal" factor, which girls supposedly experience?  I'm not a girl, so I don't know if their experience of sexual arousal/lust is the same as us guys'.

For example, let's just talk about a quick, loving peck of greetings on the lips.  Let's say that I am able to do it with totally pure (non sexual/lustful) motives; but how can I know whether I'm tempting her (the one I'm kissing)?  Do girls get that same physical/chemical "high" that guys get from lustful sexual gratification, or is it emotional?  I would really like an honest answer from some females: is it possible for you to be kissed by a godly man without being sexually tempted?  Do you experience a physical/chemical pleasure from sinful gratification, or is it just emotionally impure?

Jamie writes, "I am a married, church-going, Christian professional woman who, in spite of my advanced degrees, plans on making child-rearing the primary work of my life.  My secondary work is to put my God-given talents and degrees to use by helping others who are less fortunate then my husband and I.  I think that I am extremely blessed to even be able to contemplate this sort of lifestyle.  Unfortunately, there are many others that disagree.

There is a disheartening trend in this website and many of its ilk to play 'blame the feminist' in any discussion of society's ills.  I was pleased to see that you have renounced the most extreme of such woman-haters in articles like your "Bathsheba" response.  However, the term feminist is still invoked throughout your website as a shorthand for everything that is wrong with the world.  Before we completely discount feminism and feminists, we need to remember how bad things REALLY WERE for women.  For example, before the courageous acts of feminists, women like the author of Modesty Revisited (reviewed on this site) could never have gone to college, written and published a book on their own, or kept the proceeds from the book's sales.  If she had written a political/intellectual book behind her husband/father's back, she could have been beaten severly without any recourse to law.  Even after women were granted property and voting rights, many studies have shown that the intellectual stagnation of the forced solitude endured by many 1950's era housewives led to serious mental illness and substance abuse problems.

Unfortunately, there are many others who disagree with my choice to make my life's work raising children and helping other children.  From the left, I get criticized for 'wasting' my degrees on 'only' raising and helping children for free.  Why go to school if you're not going to make money?  The only conceivable reason they can come up with is that I wanted to 'catch a husband.'

So I turn to my fellow Christians for solace and support- and all too often find apparent antagonism and misogony.  I still can find the solace I'm looking for, but it requires a bit of keeping my mouth shut at Church and reading between the lines.  I'm convinced that this is not the response God wants from me, SO I am writing to ask you and your readers to embrace TRUE feminism and help uplift women world-wide.  First, before Christians reject feminists out-of-hand, we need to remember how bad things were before feminism (answer- really bad.  See prior post).  Given this history of male domination, it is only natural that most historically aware women get nervous when the word submission is discussed.  Instead of letting ourselves get caught up in the rhetoric and accusations of sin, we need to remember that Feminism is, or is supposed to be, a doctrine of allowing women the opportunity to follow God's spirit where it leads us.  Surely no Christian can be against that.  

As the people of God, it is therefore up to us to reach out the loving hand of God to feminists and explain that we have far more common ground then we thought.  This doesn't require adopting moral relativism.  It merely means understanding other viewpoints a bit better."

Michelle writes, "wow. that [Kissing Article] was great. peer pressure is tough stuff. i now know where the lines are. things like this are not normally talked about at our church becuase it is too deep for some teenagers to understand or they are more focused in bringing more to Christ. I do wonder why you have it as a homeschool website in one of your articles. Is it to say that home schooling is the way to go? If it is then who will set the example in public school?"

Leslie from Monaca, Pennsylvaina writes, "WOW! This [kissing] article was excellent! I had taken a vow a few months ago to not kiss until marriage and this only cemented my beliefs! Thanks so much for making this article!"

Erina from Allentown, Pennsylvania writes, "I consider myself a very religious person. I put an emeense amount of trust in god and his beliefs.  However, after reading your articles I cannot help but feel extremely angry.  You rant on and on about "no kissing" before marriage.  Are you in denial? Kissing is the least of the sins being commited.  So, i must ask, what do you suggest to someone that doesn't get married at the age of 18? What happens if you dont meet your soul mate until the age of 35?

What do you have to say for the priests and so called "positive role models" that NOT ONLY LUST, but lust after innoccent children? The men who rape young girls and women? The men that destroy womens LIVES to just get a little action.  How do you think God feels about them?

You have a  young girl who enjoys kissing her boyfriend and the adult man that likes to force himself on young girls.  Who will God coniser to have the most sin?  Do you consider them both sinners?

Maybe you should start lecturing about how WRONG RAPE, molestation, and abuse is.

Yes, we are god's creatures, but we do have control over our lives and decisions. Times have changed and these changes cannot be assumed to be always bad. After all, god created the movement of time and change, correct?

I would really appreciate a response, if that is at all possible. This isn't a complete bashing against your beliefs. Even though i hardly agree with them.  I believe in learning other peoples points of view and how they percieve them.

Daniel from Vancouver, BC writes, "I read the article with interest, considering the fact that I as a Christian man have four earrings and a tattoo. I realize there is a whole subculture with tattooing and piercing with pain as its focus, but to draw
every Christian who has multiple piercings or tattoos into that subgroup is
short sighted. People get tattoos for many different reasons, some bad,
some good. For instance you could compare the BM community to
the church. There are many different denominations within the church and
some are far out and cultish. So would you condemn all Christians based on
what some crazy JW's were doing. The same goes for people with BM's. If you
judge everybody with a tattoo or piercing by what some whackos do with
their bodies and why they do it then that is a very limited view."  There may be many reasons for getting a tattoo, but there is only one valid reason a Christian should get a tattoo - if God's word so instructs him to do so.

Heather is in California and writes, "Whoa.. Your article came across my path at the right time!  I am currently in a relationship with someone and the question about kissing was brought up last week.  We both are striving to live a life pure and for christ.  He asked if I felt it was okay to kiss.  I told him I didn't know and wanted to talk to God.  I did, told God how I felt and he didnt answer back.  The question keeps coming up about kissing.  The urge to kiss each other comes up every once in a while.  I decided on saying okay to kissing.. but after reading this article I am going to look at my answer again.  Thank you for saving me from making a decision that would possibly destroy our purities.  Thank you."

Eric from Taylors, SC writes, "I am a newly married man, with a pregnant wife, so I feel that it would be an understatement to say that I am concerned family
matters.  Ashamedly, I must admit that my concern for "family issues" has
not always been as stong as it is today. Yet, the Lord has used His word,
godly men and women, and websites such as this one to grow my passion for
the family. Thank you for the thoughtful articles on this site. Please pray
for me and my family as we leave a legacy for the following generations and
as we influence the society around us."

Joey added, "Excellent essay on this topic!  I'm not the type that usually
reads whole web pages, but this one I did.  I'm seeking Christian guidance
in knowing where to set my physical boundaries with my new girlfriend, and
this page has really helped."

Sam from Texas writes, "I recently read the ranted article about tattoos and body
piercing.  I understand the Bible and also undertand the the Old Covenant and New Covenant come into play when choosing a side that has no bearing on what the whole Bible says instead of just taking scriptures that fit their way of thinking.  Several times the bible mentions a form of marking as a normal practice in the time that the writers were.  It's seen as common and as something that is not forbidden like the article states.  If your going to follow the whole Old Covenant the you can't eat certain things and you must leave you wife outside your "camp" when she is unclean or on her period.  To have such a narrow view on things is hard to undertand.  I even saw your comment about how we shouldn't compare this to Paul writing in Galatians 6:17.  Translated the word "mark" was used as to say stigma which means to poke, or brand.  He was literally saying that the beatings represented his stigma that he belonged to his master.  So relating that to
our world today, normally a Christian isn't going to be beaten to have to apply this message to their lives.  If someone wants to take this literally then why not have a mark poked or branded on yourself to show ownership of your master.  I guarantee that if the apolocalypse where to come soon and they were trying to mark me with the sign of the beast then i would tell the to try and put it over the mark that shows my masters ownership and make sure they new that I wasn't up for grabs.  If you are going to be a proponent to the articles of your choosing I suggest you take a look at the other side of the coin.  ... let people decide for themselves.  I believe that with Gods grace and the death of My lord Jesus Christ and new covenant was established and that along with alot of the Old covenant principle I can live my Christian life with pride and not be ashamed of the mark I placed on my body that showed who my master is."  I just can't figure out why Christians cannot be satisfied with the mark they have been given by their King - Baptism.  Why do they need another mark?

Nichole from Florida writes, "My comments are in regard to Wendy Shalit's book A Return to Modesty.  A friend of mine referred the book during one of our conversations about the differences between men and women.  I had confided in her, secretly (mainly because she is my Christian friend that shares my beliefs), that although I have been raised in a society where women are told to be independent and get careers, I felt an overwhelming desire to get married to my boyfriend and stay home to raise our children.  I also believed that men and women are different, which is not something I can admit to very many people without getting "a look" (I used to be one of these people.).  I feel that men and women have completely different emotional needs that need to be met, and, although we are taught that it is hard to meet these needs in one another, they are very basic, and I truthfully believe can be met very easily.

Just a little background:  Although deep down, I felt regret and shame sleeping with men I didn't love, I truly felt that there was something wrong with me if I didn't want this or do it.  I also spoke out for women, supporting the idea that we are just like men, just as sexual.  When deep down, I didn't believe this.  But, again, I felt that not believing this I was just a boring wanna-be housewife.  And, many of my friends, even though I don't think they believe what they're saying, make me feel that I should be sexual, and getting emotional or wanting to be treated like lady is either wrong or just not atttainable.

So, I began reading this book after confiding in her these thoughts.  And, I couldn't put it down!  I only wish that I had read it five years ago, and not these past two weeks.  I connected with my "bad self" when I was around twenty, and although I come from a very supportive and loving family, I wish someone would have stopped me or helped me explain my emotions.  At the time, I felt it was appropriate to talk about private matters and act casual about sex, to prove that I was just as strong as a man.  And, now I feel stupid for the way I acted.  

But, my having sex began because I felt that I owed it to the men I was with to have sex because I felt bad saying, "No."  Then, it just became the norm, and soon I was having sex with different people either because I felt I owed it to them, or because I was trying to prove that I could be disconnected from sex.  But, now that I am in this new relationship, I am finding that women and men are very different.  And, even though I did "experiment," I didn't feel good about myself in the morning, and I only wish I would have found this book or a friend, that would have validated these feelings, this struggle.  So, over time, I began to buy this way of living, even advocating it to others, because it was the norm.  

And, although I did have one good Christian friend, she didn't seem to understand the pressures around me from other friends and society that I felt very hard to get rid of. I hope to share this book with my daughter, and I hope she doesn't fall into the popular way of belief.  I hope she is stronger than me and doesn't make the same mistakes I made.  I only hope my support will help her feel strong in being the individual.  Because sadly to say, I do not see more women being modest.  I only see it getting worse.  For that fact, two of my friends went out two weekends ago, and two women were performing very sexually explicit acts on one another on the dance floor.  And, this is the cool place to go, a celebrity siting!  And, the sad thing is that when all of those people left the club, I bet a majority of them were not even shocked.  And the others that were?  

Well, they probably didn't say anything, because like I've experienced, in saying those things are gross, I am told I'm just jealous or insecure.  And, for a while I believed that, when I didn't like when my boyfriend looked at porn.  But, now, I know that these feelings are felt by other women.  That I'm not just supposed to be okay with two women [being inappropriate with] one another, and I'm not supposed to comfortable with past boyfriends looking at porn. I am just thankful she wrote this book.  So, then my true self can come out, and I can admit to myself that these feelings I feel are good and validated.  That I'm not wierd, or jealous, or insecure, or alone.  And, even though I still feel a little wierd admitting this in today's society,  I do want to marry a gentleman, have children, (with God's help) stay home to raise them, and grow old with someone.  And, even though I felt it was my duty as an independent woman to cringe inside when my sister told people proudly she was a stay-at-home mom, I hope I will get the opportunity to say the same.

Before I go, I do have one question?  In today's society, I feel that I must work to keep my boyfriend happy and satisfied.  Although he is constantly reassuring me that he loves me; he doesn't look at porn; and, he doesn't even get into lingerie.  However, I still feel this overwhelming feeling that if I don't stay beautiful or sexy or witty, I will lose him.  Why do I feel this way?  Is it wrong to feel threatened by our overtly sexual society, the one that is always sending messages of sex?  Because it makes me very uncomfortable trying, and very hard, to have a healthy normal relationship in today's society.  Am I the only one with this inner struggle?

Arthur writes: Please to see you include one of the great leaders in the modern era namely Margaret Thatcher. I was proud to work for her in 1984/85 and found her truly inspirational, anyone requiring information about her feel free to contact me. arthcoll@aol.com

Maggie from Farmington, ME writes, "Wow.  Thank you thank you thank you Wendy Shalit!!

"I too went to Williams and, like most college girls (and boys, from what I know now) I grew more and more cynical as the years went on.  I started to think my 'romantic notions' about true love, honor, family, etc where completely unreasonable.  A large percentage of the U.S. population these days - girls as well as boys - takes this terribly depressing attitude which encourages girls to lose their strength by denying their emotions, and boys their emotions by denying their strength in favor of a distorted, animalistic, and childish version of adulthood in which *real* emotions are treated with disdain and people are expected to live up to a 'modern' notion of equality in which neither sex gets the love or honor they need.  I believe God created us to be much, much more than that..."

Tony from Caro, MI writes, "I've not read Wendy Shalit's book, but having read several reviews I am inclined to think that she is absolutely right in making her case for modesty, especially modesty as it relates to the feminine.  It was Kahlil Gibran who, in "The Prophet" explained that "modesty was intended to protect the innocent from the eye of the unclean."  Nowhere is this more true than where women and men are concerned.  I often wonder about this so-called "women's liberation movement" that espouses explicit clothing while condemning men and women for their sexual advances.  Isn't it funny at the same time how fathers of daughters fear even more than their wives (because they know how men think)the impressions their daughters may have on young men around them.  I think,too, that the very low standards in dressing and grooming afflicting so many young people the world over are responsible for a lack of development for the appreciation of refinery in people's lives.  If I can dress like a slob, why not act like a slob, and think sloppily about important formal matters in life.

In short, I think Wendy is right.  I just wish more adults could see the implications of her thoughts regarding the upbringing of their youth."

Someone wrote, "ya'll have a really cool website and i liked especially the waiting until you are married to kiss when i was 13, i committed to not kiss any guy until i'm at the alter. thanks alot for this website, God bless ya'll"  But then............

Someone else wrote, "am appalled by the content of your website. Must everything be centered around god? If one would like to think so, that is their belief. What I am unable to comprehend is the sheer ignorance of the articles on this site.  How can one base every little detail on what the scriptures say? Additionally, how can one believe that a simple kiss between partners before marriage is wrong? Is one condemned to "burn in the fires of hell" if one single, simple kiss is exchanged between partners? There is nothing wrong with intimancy. Perhaps the most upsetting part of this site is the byast opinions of the articles, as well as the sarcastic comments made by the authors of this site at the end of comments posted by those opposed to this site in the guestbook."  Sheeeeesssshhhh - people are so easily offended.  But, after all, I'm the one paying for the bandwidth so why can't I comment as I please?

Grant from Farmington, NM writes, "I must say, the article is completely irrational and unrealistic.  Are you saying that couples should not kiss prior to marriage simply because a few Bible verses 'MIGHT' seem to say that?  What century are you living in?  No kissing?  Thats the most ridiculous thing I've heard of in my entire life.  Do not base your life on the your misinterpreted view of the Bible and it's teachings."  I suppose there are many interpretations to "It is good for a man not to touch a woman."  (1 Corinthians 7:1) One would think that Paul’s entreaty to “treat younger women as sisters, with absolute purity”  (1 Timothy 5:2) would settle the case once and for all.  But, then, it IS the 21st century.

Joey writes, "Excellent essay on this [kissing] topic!  I'm not the type that usually reads whole web pages, but this one I did.  I'm seeking Christian guidance in knowing where to set my physical boundaries with my new girlfriend, and this page has really helped.

Eric from Taylors, SC writes, "I am a newly married man, with a pregnant wife, so I feel that it would be an understatement to say that I am concerned family matters.  Ashamedly, I must admit that my concern for "family issues" has not always been as stong as it is today. Yet, the Lord has used His word, godly men and women, and websites such as this one to grow my passion for the family. Thank you for the thoughtful articles on this site. Please pray for me and my family as we leave a legacy for the following generations and as we influence the society around us."

Jeffrey from West Point writes, "Greetings from US Military Academy at West Point.  I don't know if you folks are aware of it, but there are quite a few of us homeschoolers who are cadets and midshipmen here at the U.S. service academies.  Keep up the good work with your kids!"

Stephanie writes, "I absolutely agree with what you said!  We are to be pure in our relations with the opposite sex. That includes kissing! French kissing someone is considered a handshake in this country and I think it is disgraceful and deludes people into thinking that their actions are harmless."

Dustin writes, "I think you take things a bit too far. I have tattoos and piercing but i still believe that i am a good person. I have been with my girlfriend for 3 years and do not have sex with her. But i do kiss her. So you see, i think that judging someone on standards like these proves to be rather inaccurate and wrong. thanks."

Heather from Dallas, Tx writes: "I decided four years ago that I would not kiss again until I was married. I made the decision more as a preventative measure than anything. So when I found Sarah Faith Schlissel's article about premarital kissing, I was quite intrigued. After I read the article and gave my decision more thought, I realized that this was the logic and reasoning I had been unknowingly searching for. Before I found her article, I had already told my boyfriend I didn't want to kiss until I was married. (Needless to say, he wasn't thrilled with the idea, but he told me I was worth the wait.) After reading her article and talking about it with him, we both realized just how huge this was. We've talked about it at length and realize that by waiting, our first kiss, at our wedding, will be extremely special because we have waited for so long to fully show our passion for each other. While I know this is not something every couple can do, I highly encourage others to think about what an impact this decision can make in your relationship and for those around you. I know we've got people looking up to us as an example and this is one way we can be a Christ-like example for them."

Victor from Gauteng, South Africa writes, "This article is awesome. This is the stuff which would save the world or those who would give heed. We need more like it. More importantly, this needs to get to those it should affect and needs consideration in the right frame of mind. Here is the great challenge, to break through the mists of darkness that some may see the light. And for those who read, understand and agree, beware, knowledge and understanding are not enough. In fact knowledge gained and not actioned is damnation to the soul. To those on a path toward receiving the full gospel I say, God speed." 

An anonymous writer writes, "2 Sam. 12:14 says, .. by this deed thou has given great occasion to the enemies of the LORD to blaspheme, .. David was (in part) responsible for the reaction of the LORD's enemies. So, contrary to your Defense of Bathsheba article was Bathsheba in the say way (in part) responsible for David's reaction. We are our brother's keeper. If David was a peeping tom she would not be guilty. Women are responsible for the correct use of their beauty. If there is any chance of it offending, that chance should be averted. A public naked bath is a very obvious offence waiting to happen. I am very surprised you would attempt to defend such action. We have laws today that would rightly accuse her of indecent exposure. I have secluded spots in my yard that I like, but I do not go there and expose myself. We only do these things in places where there is absolutely no possibility of anyone seeing anything. That is the least common sense, is it not?"  Everyone gets so excited about this!!  However, it should be noted that the Hebrew word used at 2 Samuel 11:2 for washing, rachats, doesn't automatically imply nakedness.  Matthew Henry suggest she was washing "...probably from some ceremonial pollution, according to the law"  She could have been washing her feet for all we know.  But as is the case of human nature, we usually assume the worse about someone before knowing the facts.

Erwin wrote, I am creating a fishing web directory, Fishing-Resource.com, and would like to include your website Fortifyingthefamily.com in it. We shall put all our efforts into having your link up in less than 24 hours; and if you find our site useful for your visitors, please add a reciprocal link.  Hummmm.  We wrote back, "Thank you for your contact. Would you happen to be a reformed fishing site?  Would you be willing of a reciprocal link, that is, contingent of course that you are reformed in your fishing."  Still waiting for an answer.

Gerald of Coldspring, TX
writes, "I want to thank you for the great insite and Godly wisdom on kissing before marriage. If we would only learn that we are beings of flesh and pandering to the flesh outside of God's design only brings greater desire and sin. I pray that you continue to hold to this stand in kissing and do not stray even if the entire world would disagree with you. God bless"

Naomi writes, "With regard to the "Sin of Bathsheba" issue, I totally agree with your assessment.  Not only does scripture not support the idea of nakedness being sin, but the story of David and Bathsheba in II Samuel 11 and 12 does not make any mention of Bathsheba sinning.  It's a shame that a whole doctrine, practically, has been built around this false premise.  We'd better be careful that we're not going around stating as Biblical that which is not!"  It took over 2 years for someone to come along that agreed with our position.  I'm not sure if that is good or bad.  On the other hand......

Dimitra, one of our Roman Church brothers, writes, "The Sin of Bathsheba," to which a friend referred me as being an excellent article, was indeed that.  I found it edifying, kind, interesting, and spiritually helpful to live a Godly life and help my daughter to do so.  "In Defense of Bathsheba," on the other hand, I found to be nitpicking, hair-splitting, legalistic, and unedifying.  For example, drawing a difference between "iniquity" and "sin."  That author's whole emphasis on who is going to be/not be *prosecuted* (letter of the Law)is missing the point, as opposed to "Anony's" clear insight (spirit of the Law)that Bathsheba contributed to David's sin and how future Bathsheba's might avoid contributing to the fall of future Davids--a most worthy article.  One of the petitions that Orthodox Christians read every morning when they are praying for "the whole world" is: For those whom I have offended or scandalized by my madness (rashness)or inadvertence, and whom I have turned from the way of salvation and led into evil and harmful deeds.  By Thy divine providence restore them again to the way of salvation."  Thus might Bathsheba have prayed.  Only after we acknowledge our own part in causing others to sin and pray for those whom we have caused to sin, do we in turn pray for those who have likewise offended us: "Save, O Lord, and have mercy on those who hate and offend me, and do me harm, and let them not perish through me, a sinner."   Let us not forget, it was not: who sinned, David OR Bathsheba; rather, the one's negligence and the other's lust sinned *together.*  By dressing modestly (and contrary to the "Defense," women *do* know how long a "modest" skirt is) women are fulfilling the exhortation of St. Paul: "Bear ye one another's burdens." At the Dread Judgment of Christ, neither men nor women will be able to say, "But it wasn't my fault." ... the two sinning together.  Hummmm.........  thus one can sense the influence of unspoken presuppositions on ethical decisions.  Thankfully, at the Dread Judgment of Christ, neither men nor women will be unjustly accused.

Another Naomi writes, "My fiance and myself couldn't agree with you and your kissing article more!  When we first met we tried to stave off kissing because we knew where it could lead.  However it eventually got the better of us.  A few months after we got engaged I told him that I didn't think we should "french kiss" any more - becuase it was the passionate kissing that initiated our downfalls.  We desire each other no less, but by not passionately kissing we are able to let God stay in the picture and not walk down the road of destruction.  It is difficult and we look forward to our wedding day, our kiss at the alter and being married!, but how sweet it will be with God's forgiveness and His Grace to make us pure again.  Not a few weeks after our new "no 'french kissing' rule" I ran across a printed copy of this article and asked him when he had gotten it and he said he had printed it off a few days after we had met and were not kissing yet.  I thought it interesting how without ever reading your article, God had convited me/us on the same issues.  Thank you for your insight and thank you God for this confirmation."

Kristy writes, "what is wrong with you??  what i dont understand is why most christians (i dont like to stereotype) try to force thier ideas and morals on others.  i was raised in a catholic family, forced to go to church, sent to catholic schools, ect...  and now, because of that i hate anything that has to do with religion.  why cant you people just keep to yourself and let us be?  you always have to tell other people what they're doing wrong and that "you're going to hell because you dont follow our beliefs"  i wish i could shine a light on you and show you how stupid you are.  you dont need religion to have faith.  you dont have to go to church and sit through the same b--ls--t week after week to get into "heaven".  you dont have to go and tell some priest what you did wrong in order to have god forgive you.  where do you pepole come up with this s--t?  you say that we should treat each others as equals, yet you look down on those that arent christian.  you people are so full of yourselves.  it's because of people like you that i hate anything that has to do with "god"  so my advice to you is to keep your f-----g mouth shut and let the rest of us have our own beliefs and values.  all you're doing is p-----g people off.  you people are so closed minded and nieve.  i will laugh when the day comes that you realize that there is no god and you wasted your life and time praying to nothing.  another thing.  why is it that your church is always in need of money?  so you can get another gold staue of jesus or mary?  or is it because the priests mercedes needs a tune up?  you are too busy sitting in your church brainwashing people and collecting thier money instead of being out in the community helping people.  you need to get a grip on reality.  And to think that I've spent nearly 50 years trying to figure out where I went wrong and here Kristy sums it up in one Pauline-like paragraph.  On the other hand, we could use a bigger house.

asserts a deeper purpose of the law that may transcend the particular ordinances.  Read our discussion HERE.

Jonathan from Ireland doesn't agree with the use of Old Testament law to prohibit tattoing.  Read our discussion HERE.

Jon is a Christian and a member of a rock band in the UK and inquired about the appropriateness of Christians getting tattoos.  Read our discussion HERE.

Dadiceman, the son of a conservative Christian pastor, was ill at ease by our responses to people inquiring about Christians and tattoos.  Read his comments and our response HERE.

Bob from Newton, Iowa writes, "I have been listening to your series on Home and Family workshop and have really enjoyed it. we have just returned from the mission field with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. I am a mechanic/maintenance man and my wife is a teacher who is now homeschooling our 4 kids.  We served in Gabon Africa at a hospital in the rainforest for 5 years where I worked and taught maintenance.
Now we are trying to figure out what to do from here. WE feel a need to stay here for now and am trying to figure out which skill to hone into a business.  Thanks so much for your help through your ministry."

Andrew writes, "Your [kissing] article is insightful and compelling.  I have to say your logic appears intact and that you are probably correct; God would prefer that we kiss only our spouse.  Hopefully you will convince more than just me since I'm married."

Marc from Miami, Fl writes: "Well i totally agree with your argument about christians kissing. I am a christian and i have been contemplating kissing my girlfriend but deep in my heart i felt that i would i have feel dirty and guilty after wards. And i was one of the ones who was saying show me where the bible condemns it but the other biblical insights and examples shed alot of clarity to my mind. so now i made a decision that i will wait until were married but i feel like in my heart i had already decided to kiss now the temptation will be greater than before especially when i pop kiss her.tell me what i should do and how i can go about dealing with this."

Jane from Baker, West Virginia writes: "Thank you for your [kissing] article.  I have been praying and seeking counsel on this topic for awhile now.  I agree with each of your points and thank God for them.  At age 21, it is difficult to stay in the Spirit and demonstrate the fruits that He gives us.  While all the Biblical passages in the world can instruct me the key issues that I find are #1 If I kiss my husband before we are consecrated in marriage then if it turns out he is not the one set apart for me then I have kissed another woman's husband.  This is not acceptable because I really don't want another woman kissing my husband.  (This principle was really easy until I have found the man I am in a courtship with for a possible marriage.)  This second principle is now what is helping me to stick to my vow of purity.  #2  As older people we are to be an example for the younger kids and teenagers wrestling with similiar drives and emotions.  Timothy tells us not to let anyone look down on us because we are young but to set an example for those in purity...  It is imperative that our relationship be pleasing to God.  Like many things I have found in this awesome journey, it is not easy but the rewards are great.  Thank you for your article.  I pray that others will find it helpful  In HIS awesome love." 

Marcus writes: "I am not going to obey god's law to hell with god!!! he isn't my creator, and i don't answer to anyone but ME!!!"

Keijo from Sweden writes: "i am 54  year and i will to learn about the lord allways. He is so much to tell to me. Every day he is my teacher. I am so happy what i will learn. these is many whom he will learn same thinks of living life . praise the lord and be blesset in your school."

Michael from Haslit Michigan writes: "I would like to tell you how much I have enjoyed and been encouraged by your web site.  I am the father of five children ages 2-10.  We are new to the reformed faith, particularly the idea of covenant theology.  I am very impressed how your daughter Lindsey is able to articulate the practical applications of covenant theology so well.  I would be very curious to know what resources you have used to train your children to have such a solid Christian worldview and to be able to wield it so ably!  I hope this has been somwhat coherent!  I am a physician and have not had a good measure of sleep!"  The last person we want to see losing sleep is our physician!

Tonya from Indiana writes, "What refresing truths are offered here on these pages.  I can't say enough how wonderful it is that you take the time to respond to people about their viewpoints of the ideas you profess.  So many "Christians" hate the sinner, but you love the sinner and hate the sin.  I will be back and let others know of this site.  I wish you were my neighbor that we could uplift and exhort each other."

writes: "I could not agree with you more.  I have often wondered how we ever got to the point of saying as long as we don't go "all the way" it will be acceptable.  I believe as Chrisitans that we should turn and flee from sin not see how close we can get to it all while using the excuse of "i don't see it as a sin".  Keep up the good work."

John from DeKalb Texas writes: "Hello,Mr. Hurd
  I just read your article " a kiss is just a kiss?". I thought it was really good.I'm going to read some more articles later.I really enjoy your family's website."

Melody - "I love this site! Every time I visit, I glean a little more wisdom. "

Tonya from Ft. Wayne, Indiana writes, "What refresing truths are offered here on these pages.  I can't say enough how wonderful it is that you take the time to respond to people about their viewpoints of the ideas you profess.  So many "Christians" hate the sinner, but you love the sinner and hate the sin.  I will be back and let others know of this site.  I wish you were my neighbor that we could uplift and exhort each other."

Mark from London is an Independent Evangelical who may or may not wear an ear ring when passing out Christian tracts.  See my response.

Rebekah from Tekonsha Michigan writes, "I thnk this is a great website and really appriciate your stand on the whole kissing dating scene. Keep up the good work and stand firm on your beliefs. God will richly bless you and your family."

Nick writes
, "I particularly do not like this view on tattoos and body mod.  I am Christian that speaks based on experience on body piercing.     I don't understand how one can judge another based on their tattoos or piercings.  Before I got pierced, I prayed about what to do.  I know God loves me no matter what I do.  I am a sinner as we all are.  I beleive that tattoos and body mod is between the one getting modified and God.  No one else has any say so.  God Bless."  I didn't make this up!!  Spoken like a true post-modern, existentialist American.

Michael from Cuyahoga Falls Ohio is a senior in high school and had an interesting class discussion on kissing.  Go there.

Anonymous - Kissing is in no way bad. It is no sexual act and even if it was ... sexual activity, if you prevent yourself from becoming infected with sexual deseases, is absolutely not dangerous. In fact, kissing and - even more - sex produces hormones that make you feel well and prevent pain (physical pain). The only thing you waste is time....but there is no way to produce those hormones more effective...so why forbidding it? Because the Bible says so? Do you have any reasonable arguments against sexual activities and kissing other than illnesses (which can be prevented easily) and this more than 3000 years old book? I hope so...or your argumentation is quite weak.  As if his argument is less than 3000 years old and, therefore, somehow legitimate?

Kimberly from Illinois writes, "thank you so much for standing up on this [kissing] topic! i've vowed to not kiss another guy until my wedding day. i regret doing this very much in the past. i don't get alot of possitive feedback on my decision and it is just really nice to hear somebody with similar views. thanks!"

Joshua from Kansas
asked about tattooing Christian phrases.  Read our discussion HERE.

writes, "Only today did Idiscover yor website so haven't had lots of time to read all that you've written, but I look forward to spending time here later.  Like when the kids are in bed!!  My heart burden is for the local churches and the separation of families.  Nowhere in our area is there a family oriented church.  Our church where we are active members has a wonderful, Godly pastor and we are all learning and growing but there are still concerns regarding the Christian Education practices."

Kimberly of Peoria Illinois
writes, "thank you so much for standing up on this topic! i've vowed to not kiss another guy until my wedding day. i regret doing this very much in the past. i don't get alot of possitive feedback on my decision and it is just really nice to hear somebody with similar views. thanks!"

Mr. Charles Spillar of Missouri wrote a great letter in response to the Next Generation article about his work within his family.  Read his letter HERE.

Tametra from  East Palo Alto California
writes: i think this is a good website, and i juss wonderin y do ppl do abortions.  We wonder, too.

Ashley from Florida - You're all so foolish. I've said enough. Just have fun being sheep.  Well, thank you Ashley.....you've been most helpful.

Steven writes about pre-marital kissing, "I appreciate and respect the comments you have made about pre-marital kissing.  Your argument is convincing to a point, but you are yet to approach kissing as an issue itself.  You say kissing outside of marriage is wrong because of people's "motives" or "intentions" or because it causes one to lust, but not because of the act itself.  Now I agree with you completely on this, it is more often than not that people kiss because of emotional or physical stimulation, but it is true that people do many other things, besides kissing, that causes this physical and emotional stimulation.  These particular things include watching a significant other in a sporting event or some sort of performance, hugging, talking, and even giving and receiving gifts.  The point of this is to say that the act of kissing is not what is wrong, but the place of the person's heart and mind is wrong.  If an act is selfish it is wrong in any circumstance, whether it be kissing or giving a gift or talking.  Thus kissing can be done in an unselfish manner, just as much as talking or giving a gift can be unselfish.  Love is the willing (conscious) decision, it is a choice not a wishy-washy feeling, to extend oneself for the goodness and spiritual growth of another.  Kissing is a form of love which allows one to extend oneself beyond oneself for the good of another.  A kiss is a gentle touch of affection which allows two people in effect to complement each other.  Therefore kissing is something that one should be able to do with someone he or she loves.  It does not necesarrily have to be your husband or wife (I mean this in time being relative. If you are married, yes you should only be kissing your spouse).  I mean this for people who are not married.  They should be able to kiss if they are not married, as long as thier heads are in the right places.  Sex on the other hand is something sacred and beautiful and a gift that should be saved for that particular person one will be spending the rest of one's life with in marriage.  I ask that you not be so against kissing, but be against people's desires and lusts in every situation.  A kiss is a wonderful thing that can be and should be intended for good things.  Love never fails.  The truth is if people lived by these rules and ideas, there would be a whole lot less people kissing, but then there would be a whole lot less people talking also."  Very well, see my article, A Kiss Is Just A Kiss? 

Helen from Australia
wrote in about our Church and Family article and then had some interesting questions about election and free will.  Read our discussion HERE.

David from California
writes, "Just wanted to say I enjoyed browsing through some of your articles and website. It sounds like we are pretty much on the same page. I am 24, and I was homeschooled from 5th grade to the end! I have also done the non-traditional college: distance learning. I believe it is a great way to do things overall. Anyways, I thought your article on Courtship was great. I have thought a lot about Courtship over the years, because that is what all homeschoolers seem to talk about! "Courtship is the way." However, I have tried to figure out just what is the "right" way to prepare for marriage. I want to honor and glorify my Great God in everything I do, so I felt I had to in marriage too! I have been troubled with the idea of courtship because of the hurt that can take place in the one young lady says no or it doesn't work out...when you are "committed" to getting married! I experienced that once when I talked to a father about courting His daughter. He (and his wife) gave me his permission, but we thought it would be best if he was to talk to her about it first. He did...and she said she was not interested in courting anyone while she was in school or till she was 22 years old. She was almost 22 and attending a local Christian college for nursing. I took that as a no. I thought maybe there was hope because she really didn't say "NO," but...It really ended up being a no. It was probably a month or two later she had an "unofficial" boyfriend! It was a close friend of my family for many years. The whole thing was rather difficult to get over and to do in the first place. Even though they asked her and all that...I thought she got scared by the word "courtship." I really do think courtship has its problems. Betrothal seems quite better after thinking about it. I think it is a Biblical principle as well. I do have some questions on how all that works. The article mentioned that a couple gets to know each other in groups, family gatherings, church etc. However, were they supposed to both be interested in each other first? or Is the guy interested in the      and just hang'n around? I guess I am unclear how all that "works." When the guy talks to the dad and he thinks it is a good idea but says to wait for some time, does that mean to just sit and wait? What does a guy do when he sees a Godly young woman who he thinks might desire to marry? Is he supposed to win her heart in a way to see if she responds at all? What is the guy wants to do the betrothal way and the      only is familiar with courtship? Anyways, these are just questions that came to my mind. Thank you once again for ministering to me and many others. May the Lord richly bless you all! Blessing in King Jesus,"

Leanna from Ontario
writes, "Well I've been struggling with this subject for a while now, I'm dating this guy that hasn't kissed me and I was really feeling down about it. He told me he didn't want us to open any doors that shouldn't me open before marrage and I respected him for what he believed but I also wanted a kiss. I've never been kissed before and really wanted to have that experience with someone I love. But now after reading this artical it's gave me a better view and some good scriptures to fall apon. Thank you for your words of wisdom. I needed to hear why I should wait untill after marrage to recieve my first kiss. Only I can't help but be afraid that my first kiss will be at the ulter (u may kiss the bride) and pictures and eyes watching. How embarassing but it'll be worth it I'm sure! Thank you and God Bless you!"

Diane from New York
writes, "We have been homeschooling for 2 years now, and the Lord has been calling us into a greater accountability.  We have been studying about authority and the roles and responsibilites the Lord has given us as parents.  As a result, we have stopped sending our children to Sunday school, and my husband is meeting with our pastor and elders regarding our beliefs and concerns.  Our church is a relatively new plant and is in the process of being established on its own.  We are prayerfully considering what the Lord's will is for our family in regard to church and other areas in our family life.  It was very helpful to stumble upon your web site.  Thank you for your articles and your Godly insight.If you have any suggestions for us, we would be happy to receive them."

Carmen Unruh from  Newton  KS writes:
What a blessing this website is!!! I just visited for the first time and came away refreshed and ready to roll!  :-)

Madeleine - we received you end of the year letter and i can't begin to tell you what a moment of refreshment it was. it has been a pleasure and a blessing to have "met" you though only in print. may our Redeemer bless you as you bless others with your insight. thanks for all your efforts!

Mike -Your article on body modification is utterly rediculous. Your stands do not make sense and you have no scripture (used in context) to back up your stands. Also It is either wrong or right to pierce(or damage your temple) it doesnt make it right to scar yourself if you are a woman. That is just another fad that has worked its way in and is accepted by those like yourself!!! I would like you to contact me by e-mail so i can open your eyes to these things. although like most Christians you probably wont have the nerve to or are to thick headed to see otherwise. And dont try to tell people the meanings behind these mods when you have never experianced this YOURSELF!"     Gee..... I didn't mean to make him mad.  Read My Response

Nev - I read thru some of the articles on ur website and i found them to be good.  Also agreed with them and ur arguments.  I've got 1 qn that i'm curious abt: going by ur premise of dis-allowing  anything pre-maritally that one would not want one's spouse to do in a marriage, what about holding hands (like say while walking/shopping) in courtship? On the one hand, holding hands would be quite ok between sisters, but on the other hand, i don't think a husband would approve of his wife holding hands with another man.  What's your input on this? Do let me know.
Thanx!  Read my Response

Andre - Can you please explain to me why kissing and especially passionately kissing with another person before marriage is not in our best interest? What does God say about it and why does he not want us to do it?  Read my Response

Thomas - "it is terrible"

Nichole - I read your comments at your home page regarding the state of our nation and your opinions about instilling the word of God in the hearts and minds of our children. It is always encouraging to myself and my husband to know there are others out there that share our ideas. God bless you and your family.

Ivy didn't like anything about child training or the roles of father and mother on the web site. Read my Response

Robinson Family - We enjoyed reading your families web page! We are also raising our children to serve the LORD so far we have five. We homeschool and my wife is their main school teacher, although I oversee all goings on.  The LORD has blessed you with some insight on a lot of issues for today. Continue running the race! You are an encouragement to others!

Shirley - Midland, TX - What a wonderful site which I found on Google.com searching for Margaret Thatcher's latest speech. I am a Believer and I am a registered member of Free Republic..freerepublic.com., a grassroots conservative website (around 50,000) becoming very active in the same areas of conern for our country shared by your family. Many of the members (many not) are born again Christians and homeschoolers who love this country and know the danger it is in.

Robert of California - You're website is a real blessing. Thank you.

Sandra - New Jersey - Hello!  I appreciate your well written and thoughtful articles. Your article in the Homeschool Digest I read and nearly highlighted it entirely as there are so many good points!

Madeline - New Jersey - Thanks for all your insight. I really enjoy your articles in The Homeschool Digest. It is getting increasingly harder for us to capture our children's hearts anymore. We continue to pray and trust our Lord for their walk. Your articles are solid and hopeful. Thanks!

Steave & Heather - New Mexico - Many thanks for such a great website with valuable information for the whole family. Also, many thanks for the Christmas letter. Our family enjoyed the one we received last year, and this year was even better. We feel like we know you and enjoy hearing about the kids progress. Please keep us on your mailing list.

Vicki - Joshua, TX - Thanks for the input. It is so true. Our families are falling apart, because they are seeking after things of this world and not things of God. As my daughter Joy, said, she caught more at home than she was taught. So parents must wake up and see that more is caught than taught. They are watching our every move. Then when your children are grown, the will have values to turn this country around.

Philip - Hayward, CA - Great job on your website! I very much appreciate your distinctively covenantal outlook and look forward to spending more time on this site. I decided to check out the site because somehow I got on your mailing list and received a letter today updating me on your family's status. I enjoyed the letter and was convicted by your steadfastness in raising such a godly household. As a single man, I hope and aim to someday cultivate a family like the Hurd's in its faithful and diligent service to our exalted Lord Jesus. Continue to Walk resolutely in Him in whom all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are deposited.


The Narmours from Mountainburg, AR - These articles are great! Really get down to the meat of the issues. Thanks for all the hard work!

Maggie - Wow! There is a lot here! It is going to take more than one visit to take it all in.

Reggie - I have enjoyed your website. I find your articles well researched and thought out. Keep up the good work.

Henryk - This was a great site for homwork info

Paul - South Carolina - "Great site!!  We are so glad when God sends things like this to encourage us about homeschool.  Our biggest concern is glorifying the Lord in our homeschooling." - 

Tara is disturbed about the tattoo article. Read my Response

Lally doesn't agree with the courtship and betrothal issues. Read my Response

Mary - "I was looking for some Christian information on the family and came across this website. It is very good. I will be coming back to look at the other articles."

Bracey from Brooklyn - The issues discussed, here in this website, are relevant and demand the attention of believers everywhere. Everyone interested in the future of their family and our nation should navigate through this website.

I commend you for your labors on this website. As a husband and father of three I am deeply encouraged by the goal, direction and perspective of this site. May the God of the covenant bless you abundantly.

"love your site---keep up the good work." -jesus freaks motorcycle ministry

thinks the web site is full of c--p. Read my Response

"Great stuff. I encourage you to keep this website functioning and continue to add to the biblical truths." - Daniel, Illinois



Jamie believes the tattoo article is belittling people with tattoos.

This commentor spent a lot of time and effort making their case for abortion. Boy!!  Talk about putting words in your mouth!!  I wish they had left an address for me to respond. But alas. How would YOU answer their complaint?
Melanie - I love the page! I cannot BELIEVE some of the comments! Miss Pro-death needs to seek the other alternative....ADOPTION!!! Now if anyone reads this and can answer my question, I'll appreciate it! My mother in law is very hateful and has no use for me or my ideas. I am homeschooling my now 3 year old son, like it or lump it, But she is getting to my husband....who is noncommitted and not strong.....and now her idea that our son needs competition in life is getting to him! Competition is what cause Dylan Klebold to kill his peers! My son will have enough intelligence competition.....Geography bees, Bible bees....whatever home school kids can get, he'll have! HELP!!

Woody asserts that since Jesus was silent about tattoos then it must be OK. Read my Response



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