What is your problem with abortion? You mention that the decline of teen mothers is a good thing, yet you don't mention that abortion may be a

reason for this. All of you people who march around clinics with your catchy signs and slogans on how "Jesus" feels about abortion are ridiculous; to understand the solution (abortion) you must understand the problem, and why people are using this as a way out. People make bad decisions. That I do not deny. But you can sometimes right a wrong by correcting it, and preventing the problem from spreading. If you're a teenage mother and you have a child, you will probably drop out of school. You talk about how society is these days, and that this world has problems; don't you think having uneducated, immature mothers is a problem? They will only raise their kids wrong, who will only raise their kids wrong, and the circle of poverty and despair continues.


Abortion, however, will give the unwise a second chance, and allow them to finish school and become older before they decide to have a child. I disagree with our opinion, but what really makes me mad is that you are not looking at all sides of the story. You see abortion as murder and the mothers as murderers. Yet you don't stop to consider why they have come to take as desperate measures as they have. People do not just run around, get pregnant, and BOOM have an abortion.....it takes thinking, it takes considering, and only, ONLY if people can see no way out, do they then have an abortion. It's not as though people actually ENJOY this. When somebody recieves an abortion, it is becuase it is the LAST WAY OUT, not THE FIRST. They have come to a point where they are desperate and thought about other solutions, which would not work nor solve the problem.


There is a picture of your family on the front page, and there are a lot of children. The poster-family for Pro-Life, right? Unfortunately, your situation is not like everybody elses. You are probably happy people who have enough knowledge and financial security to have that many children. But do you think that teen mothers, who have no knowledge (becuase they must stop school to look after the baby) nor financial stability, are in the same situation you are in? It's easy for you to sit back and call abortion murder.....because you'd never need to have one. You can pop out as many kids as you can, and you have the money to pay for their needs. But others don't, and so your situation does not apply to EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD, including teen parents.



Patrick L. Hurd
Weatherford, Texas

EST. 01/01/01