On the Christian's Calling
John Calvin

The statement of Christ "Many are called but few are chosen" [Matt 22:14] is, in this manner, very badly understood.  Nothing will be ambiguous if we hold fast to what ought to be clear from the foregoing: that there are two kinds of calls.  There is the general call, by which God invites all equally to himself through the outward preaching of the word - even those to whom he holds it out as a savor of death [cf. 2 Cor 2:16], and as the occasion for severer condemnation.  The other kind of call is special, which he deigns for the most part to give to the believers alone, while by the inward illumination of his Spirit he causes the preached Word to dwell in their hearts.  Yet sometimes he also causes those whom he illumines only for a time to partake of it; then he justly forsakes them on account of their ungratefulness and strikes them with even greater blindness.



Patrick L. Hurd
Weatherford, Texas

EST. 01/01/01