Comments: I came across your site purely by accident.  I have read through many of your articles and I can honestly say that I was no less than appalled by your barbaric ways of thinking.  
Your idea that children should be trained is completly off base.  Children should be nurtured, loved, encouraged and appreciated, not trained.  A child is not a puppy, ones offspring should not be referred to in the same terms that one might refer to a slave or a pack animal.   Children are our future, and if all we do is train them, then essentially all we end up with is a society of followers who have been trained to do as their overbearing parents tell them to do.
Numerous times you refer to women as objects of sorts.  A woman is not an object to be bought or sold.  If we are to believe that a woman can be bought or sold, then isn't it true that your wife and daughters may be considered prostitutes and you their pimp?   If you can ask a price for your daughters virginity what kind of moral person would that make you.  I assume you have a street corner all picked out for her?  In today's society women are raised and encouraged to be strong individual thinkers who can make a life for themselves without the help of a husband.   Men are intended to be optional in the modern woman's life.  They theft of your women's self esteem contributes to the teen pregnancy rate that you so despise.  Girls don't sell themselves short when they have high self esteem and have been given every chance possible.   Girls sell themselves short when they feel as though they are unloved and unwanted.  Sex makes them feel wanted, babies have unconditional love.  Give a girl love and freedom of self expression and she will blossom.  Deprive her of sunshine and she will wither.
What is your response to the fact that most of the ideas and practices of christianity were born from pagan beliefs?  You are thriving off of that which you condemn.  What is your response to the fact that numerous times in history crusaders for your religion have destroyed valuable information that has never been recovered?   Mayan brain surgery practices, all destroyed with the burning of Mayan libraries and the destruction of that civilization, precious art works deemed to be blasphemous.  
You are quite obviously a product of the brainwashing your parents and their parents before them have fed into you.  The hipocracy of what is essentialy a moneymaking venture is invariably what has destroyed the morals of our country.  People break away from that which is blatantly false, such as your beliefs.   Train your children well, as one day they may see through you.
I have also read through your responses to your readers comments, repeatedly you say what a great country we live in.  We do indeed live in a great country, one which was founded on the idea of individual freedom for everyone; men, women and believe it or not, children as well.   Most people in America believe that all men were created equal.  You I belive subscribe to Orwell's idea that all men were created equal, some are just more equal than others.

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Patrick L. Hurd
Weatherford, Texas

EST. 01/01/01