the article on body modification, while having good intent, was slightly comdemning to those people who know how to use tattooing or piercing in moderation. the Levitcus 19 should be taken in the context of the OT. do you the author eat pork? do you the author round the corners of your beard? then you are a law breaker. may i remind you that unless you are a jw, you have no obligation to the law (read galatians 3 and 4). tattoos or other modifications are like alcohol, cigarettes, TV, music, movies, religion,food, and myriads of other things: if not used properly they bring hurt to the user and maybe to those around the user. on a personal note, i have multiple tattoos. and as far as quoting newspapers about people cutting themsleves or getting off on the pian, those people are not believers. we should have compassion on them and hope god will save them, yet realize that they are acting according to their nature and seeking fulfillment in things other than christ. for anyone to seek fulfillment in anything ourtside of christ is sin. anwyays, please be less condemning in the future and please stop belittling something that, to many, is one of the highest forms of showing their faith to the world. thanks. pereverance and love to all.


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