I must say, im not a christian and im not religious. I am in fact an athiest. I respect your positions and views, but, some of the things written here are not practical or useful in today's society. I've read the article on premarital kissing. I am poised to ask you, how is one to find someone to marry if there is no way to find assurance that that person is who you want to be with for the rest of your life. These rules and decisions you seem to make for other people go against our basic rights as humans and as citizens of the US. If we must be loyal to god, let us do so in a matter which suits us and not the church. The bible, the scriptures, all contradict themselves so much that the good loyal people who do in fact worship god are torn in their lives and goals. The preaching that women cannot choose for themselves the treatment of their body is strictly wrong. If women who are faithful to the lord wish to not have abortions, let them do so, but do not condemn those women who do simply because they are in charge of their own body. All in all, i dont believe this is helping anyone find themselves, although i respect your efforts in making this world a better place.

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