Men and Their Study Bibles

It's far past the time to leave Men and Their Marquees to themselves.  The marquee thing was fun as far as it goes, but there is only so much you can do with the idea before it becomes quite redundant.

But, as one last tribute before moving on, we did run across a church marquee right in our very own neighborhood that is too irresistible to pass up.  It is compliments of the former First Baptist Church of Peaster, TX now known as (in accordance with popular church culture) The Church in Peaster.  Their sign reads:

Want a new look?
Try a faith lift.

Awe inspiring, don't you think?

Having got that behind us, it is time to move on to bigger and better things - Men and Their Study Bibles.  Now, I don't have anything against study bibles - I'm the proud owner of one.  But it occurred to me that there is something driving the current proliferation of study bibles one can find at your average Christian book store.

First, you have the old stand-bys:

The Scoffield Study Bible
The Ryrie Study Bible
The MacArthur Study Bible
The Thompson Chain Reference Study Bible

Then there is the expected:

The King James Study Bible
The NIV Study Bible
The NASB Study Bible

But then, one starts to get into the "specialized" publications:

The Notemaker Bible
The NIV Interpretive Study Bible
The Rainbow Study Bible
The New Pilgrim Bible
The Life Application Study Bible
The Key Word Study Bible
The King James Study Bible for Women
The Prophecy Study Bible
The Discovering Study Bible
The Men of Color Study Bible
The Sportsman Bible
The Quest Study Bible
The Sports Devotional Bible
The Women's Devotional Bible
The Men's Devotional Bible
The Couple's Devotional Bible
The Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible
The Women of Faith Study Bible
The Everyday Study Bible
The Devotional Bible for Dads
The NIV Inductive Study Bible
The Open Bible
The Daily Study Bible for Women
The Maxwell Leadership Bible

Definitely an impressive list.  But I think there are certain segments of society which are being neglected, indeed discriminated against and, therefore, money opportunities - I mean ministry opportunities - are being missed.  For example, 

The Astrologers Study Bible

Study note at Matthew 2:9 - There are many difficulties associated with the attempts to identify the Zodiac sign of Christ. While we may celebrate the birth of Christ on Dec 25th, the likely hood of this birth date must be rejected since Capricorn is the sign of the goat. (see Matthew 25:32,33)  Aries is a tempting choice as it is the sign of the ram (see Genesis 22:13) and falls in the spring.  But the passage indicates a particular star announcing the birth of Christ, one that was in motion and, therefore, is probably not visible in our day and thus, in keeping with the deity of Christ, precludes us from assigning a particular zodiac sign to him.

The Environmentalists Study Bible 

Study note at Genesis 3:23 - God establishes His will for enforced conservation zones on earth early in His word by the story of Adam and Eve's eviction from paradise based on the entry of sin and the polluting effect such would have upon the garden.  It should be noted, however, that even God was unable to preserve the garden from such pollutants since the garden is no longer with us today.  This fact establishes without a doubt that the Republican Party is indeed the anti-Christ.

You get the idea.  So let's have those ideas for more and better study bibles.  Click over to the Guest Book and submit your idea for consideration and inclusion on the page.

The Blue State Study Bible. (Submitted by Melissa Husted)

All references to moral values have been removed or reinterpreted for post modern times. For example,  the Ten Commandments have been replaced with the Ten Tenets of Tolerance.

Sample footnote from John 8:11:

Here, Jesus has just saved the life of the alleged adulteress by revoking the death penalty, thus preventing her accusers from stoning her.  Jesus words "Go and sin no more" are more accurately translated "Go and sin no more THAN ANYONE ELSE".  Here Jesus illustrates the importance of maintaining a low profile to avoid being struck with rocks by those who wish to use your minor indiscretions to get to the top.



Patrick L. Hurd
Weatherford, Texas

EST. 01/01/01