I am a senior in high school; today we had the second part of a two-day discussion in our Christian Moral Living course--the topic was homosexual marriages.  The debate led from marriage, to an idea about a holy union between two homosexuals forbidding sexual intercourse, and I questioned where the Church draws the line when it comes to two homosexuals having a loving relationship with one another. 

After a day of research, my teacher still seemed to think that homosexual kissing was okay according to the Catholic church (and I haven't found out explicitly where it says it isn't), but I felt that this was absurd.  She basically figured that if heterosexuals are allowed to kiss then why can't homosexuals? Thus, I posited the question that I had been wanting to bring up since the beginning of the debate; why do any of you (looking to anyone in the class for a clear answer) believe that kissing another person is morally acceptable?

This question was received with much severity and contempt--most of the girls felt that my question was absurd and wondered that if we forbid kissing, why are we allowed to shake hands or give back rubs.  These were not the best examples, and I attempted to explain my ideas which were similar to the ones elicited in this website: that pre-marital kissing is an act of physical arousal, is not chaste, is an act of passion, and thus also of lust. 

Furthermore, I asked anyone to explain its necessity--the only response I got was that it was fun and having fun is not a sin.  I tried to explain that it may not only be fun, but it is also a consensual act of physical arousal.  I still have difficulty exactly explaining why I believe it is wrong, so I plan on rereading your thoughts some more and doing some more research, as well as discuss these thoughts with a priest.  Questions like these are the things I think we should do--question societal values. 

Most people figured the question was silly because the act is so widely considered as acceptable.  However, this question leads me to the question of the necessity of dating at such young ages as gradeschool and sometimes even high school.  A courting process is necessary eventually, but it is done too early.  Thanks for the website.

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