this website is a load of c--p. the husband is not in charge of his "women and children" people have minds of their own. i am a strong believer in god but people shouldnt be forced to except him if they dont want to. It is not our mission to force individuals into religion. Also tatooing and body piercing is and individuals choice. Just because its different to you doesnt mean its bad or unholy. I thought God was kinder than that. I dont think he would turn us away just because we're full of holes and ink. Tatooing and piercing is not a form of defilation but a form of body beautification. I dont think your giving todays youth enough credit. We know that tatoos and piercings may be regreted in future life, thats why we dont just go get a tatoo. We know to first consider the pros and cons and decide if its something we really want and can afford. Times have changed and obviously the opinions on this web page are still stuck in the past.

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Patrick L. Hurd
Weatherford, Texas

EST. 01/01/01

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