On Love of Self
John Calvin

For when Scripture bids us act toward men so as to esteem them above ourselves, and in good faith to apply ourselves wholly to doing them good, it gives us commandments of which our mind is quite incapable unless our mind be previously emptied of its natural feeling.  For, such is the blindness with which we all rush into self-love that each one of us seems to himself to have just cause to be proud of himself and to despise all others in comparison.  If God has conferred upon us anything of which we need not repent, relying upon it we immediately lift up our minds, and are not only puffed up by almost burst with pride.  The very vices that infest us we take pains to hide from others, while we flatter ourselves with the pretense that they are slight and insignificant, and even sometimes embrace them as virtues.



Patrick L. Hurd
Weatherford, Texas

EST. 01/01/01