About tattoos: I think it is foolish of anyone to say that tattoos are prohibited in the Bible. When we read the Bible, we must read it in the context it was written. In Lev when "tattoos" were outlawed in the Mosaic law, Yahweh was talking about the pagan symbols the Israelites were wearing during thier times of apostacy. Surely God was very hurt that the Isralelites had turned thier back him. I am a Christian and I have a tattoo. My tattoo is a Christian symbol of the fish with the Greek word for Jesus inside it. I belive that nothing is wrong with me having a tattoo. When Jesus came, he fulfilled the Old Testement (Covenant). This doesn't mean that all the 613 Old Testements laws were voided. However, many of them were. One of the Old Testement laws was that you could not touch the corpse of dead person. Clearly this law is not in effect anymore. Who are you to say that the law banning pagan tattoos is not one of the laws that was voided? Jesus had nothing to say about tattoos. I hope

that you will take time to consider what I have said, and hopefully you will see what God's Word truly says about tattoos.


Always in Our Lord Jesus Christ,




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Patrick L. Hurd
Weatherford, Texas

EST. 01/01/01

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